Hair static – How to defeat it?

The problem of static hair usually starts in the late autumn or winter. In this period of year when we tend to reach for hats and thick, pulled over head sweaters as we stay in heated rooms. Hair has positive charge alike dust particles circulating over a warm room. What is more, elements of fibres of clothes like hats, scarves and sweaters also have positive charge. Since ions of the same charge repel each other, our hair rinses up and float around our head when in contact with the above-mentoned items. This problem touches mainly dry and damaged strands.

hair-static.jpgHow to prevent static from affecting your hair?

1. Hydrate your hair.

In the winter, the most crucial for fighting against hair static would be use of emollients – the substances that create on hair surface a special protective coat, which doesn’t allow water to evaporate from the inside. Thanks to that, hair becomes heavier and isn’t strong enough to rise up. In this case, all hair hydrating sprays will be a perfect solution. This kind of a product is small, and can be carried in a bag. Furthermore, some natural oils are also good at taming static hair. One of the most frequently recommended is argan oil that has hydrating features, too.

2. Use electronic brushes and blow-dryers with ionization function.

Such devices generate negative ions thanks to which our hair won’t be overcharged with positive charges, as it is typical for regular blow-dryers. Those women who have very thin hair, should use this kind of devices with moderation because ionization makes hair very smooth. Too thin strands will lose their volume and become flat.

3. Buy a wooden comb.

It would be best if you manage to get a comb made of neem. It will additionally take care of scalp and strengthen hair bulbs; this in turn accelerates hair growth. In short, wood doesn’t induct static charges as regular, plastic combs do.

4. Use anti-static fabric softeners.

Despite fabric conditioners, you can treat your hats and scarves with a special anti-static spray. You can also make your own spray of such action. Suffice it is to water a fabric softener and spray hats and other items of clothing with it.

5. Aerate rooms and invest some money in air humidifiers.

Keep moisture in rooms you spend your time in on the right level. Not only will hair benefit from additional hydration but also will your skin; it will stop getting dehydrated. Air your flat out and buy air humidifiers. They can be electrical, the ones which generate steam, or the ones made of clay. The second type of air humidifier has to be hung on a radiator or placed somewhere near it.