Hide the rainbow in your hair! #hiddenrainbow

Trends in social media change like in the kaleidoscope. Week after week we are surprised by another portion of interesting facts from the World of beauty. Recently, hearts of women were taken over by rainbow hair. Do you want to know them better? Read this article and search for #hiddenrainbow on the Instagram.

hiddenrainbow.jpgHair colourisation is a way to truly undergo stylisation madness. There is nothing that can emphasise our character better than matching hair style. Some women will choose simple elegance and other will prefer to stand out. Yet other women dye their hair flaming red and wear them proudly.

The most important is for the hair style to match the personality.

What is #hiddenrainbow?

Long story short you may say that #hiddenrainbow is a new hair colourisation method. However, such a poor definition does not reflects fully the madness on hair of girls who test this method. In #hiddenrainbow it is all about hiding the colourful streaks under the outer layer of hair. Multicoloured hair are not visible at the first sight, but you just need to move your head so that the rainbow highlights were noticed.

The #hiddenrainbow hair style can be worn two ways.

1. Vibrant rainbow streaks hidden under the outer hair layer, that can be worn in secret; works for school, business meetings and situations where hair style must be toned-down. Just let your hair loose or tie them in the low ponytail, where inside are going to be hidden colourful streaks.

2. Second option concerning #hiddenrainbow is the one you want to present to the entire World, because you just like wearing extravagant hair styles. All you need to do is to take the outer layer of the hair and make a plait, ponytail or high bun. Rest of the hair falls on the back and shoulders to reveal hidden rainbow. This is a hair style perfect for the summer craziness or colour festival.

For whom #hiddenrainbow?

This trend took over the social media in a matter of few weeks. Almost one and a half of thousand results on the Instagram confirms that girls went berserk with the trend. This is the method to emphasise original personality or to express yourself in these last summer days. It is a must try for every courageous and a bit wild girl!