How to create perfect curls? A few easy tricks.

Are waves or curls your favourite hairstyle? Do you often use straightener or curling iron? Or maybe you prefer styling your hair on foam curlers or steam rollers? If your answer is yes, learn a few simple tricks, to achieve perfect curls quickly and easily.

beauty.jpgSome girls use curling iron or even hair straightener to create beautiful hairstyle. They skilfully use these devices and the end results impress everyone.

Unfortunately, high temperature produced by curling iron and straightener can seriously weaken hair condition. It causes water and keratin evaporate. What are the consequences? Lack of lustre, split ends, dry and weakened hair. If you do not want to change your hairstyle, learn a few ways to achieve perfect curls without using heat.

First of all, hair mousse.

Apply a small amount of mousse on damp hair. With your fingertips, press your hair until to achieve soft curls or waves. If you want a long-lasting effect, dry your hair using a blow-dryer with a diffuser. After you finish styling, apply hairspray. However, if you prefer more natural results, you will have to let your hair air-dry. Remember that too much mousse will stick you wisps and make them look unsightly.

Secondly, braid.

If you have curly or wavy hair, do the French braid and simply go to sleep in such hairstyle. To strengthen the effects, you might use hair mousse or spray. In the morning you will wake up with beautiful hairdo. Next, gently comb your hair to create waves. If you want tighter curls, just slowly run your fingers through it. Use hairspray to maintain the hairstyle. Additionally, small braids made along the head or a bun pinned on top of your head will bring similar results.

Thirdly, socks and wipes.

I must admit, it is quite a strange way of curling. Socks and wet wipes are used the same way as foam curlers. Single strands are wrapped around each sock or wipe and secured with pins. Hair curled on socks resemble tiny curls and those curled with the help of wipes – gentle waves. Be careful when using wet wipes. They might tear apart in the process of styling.

Fourthly, headband.

Put on a soft band. Then, wrap your wisps around it and go to sleep. To strengthen the effects apply some hair mousse. In the morning finish the hairstyle with hairspray. You can gently comb the curls with your fingers. Be cautious, try not to damage hair structure. You can as well use straightener to improve some curls by going through individual strands.