Hair loss? Reach for fenugreek

Fenugreek is a plant of exceptional action. It goes under the label of antidote for excessive hair loss. Many agree that this is one of the most aromatic seasonings that we store in our kitchen cupboards. However, even the strong aroma resembling chicken broth doesn’t stop women from rubbing it into hair. Is fenugreek really that effective?

fenugreek-infusion.jpgThe problem of hair loss touches many women all around the world. What is often overlooked, or even ignored, is the fact that we lose a few hairs every single day.

And if the amount is not disturbing, we shouldn’t be worried about this situation. Hair falls out because it is determined by the way hair is built. Let us clarify this a little bit more.

Hair anatomy

Hair can be divided into two parts, the external one and the subdermal. Inside the dermis, there are follicles which are homes for hair bulbs (the only part of hair that is alive). The hair shafts that grow out from follicles are the dead hair pats. What is more, each hair lives an estimated amount of time, then dies and falls out. In most cases, a new hair pushes it out. Daily, we can lose even 20-30 hairs, which is totally normal. Any deviations should be considered as disturbing.

Losing great number of hair is not a good omen. Frequently, it is a consequence of poorly rooted hair bulbs. And once poorly rooted, the hair bulbs don’t receive the adequate amount of nourishing and conditioning substances. And this undesirable state is caused as an aftermath of many factors, such as weather conditions, sicknesses, hormonal disorders, allergies and even due to application of particular cosmetics. Certainly, you shouldn’t conform to such misfortune. Here is the remedy.

Does fenugreek help counteract hair loss?

The great way for eliminating excessive hair loss problem is rubbing infusion of fenugreek into scalp. Seeds of this plant contain plenty of vital for hair substances. These nourishing substances are given over to the water if covered with it (infusion). Such an essence can work miracles and restore the good condition to weak hair. To illustrate, fenugreek infusion reduces number of lost hair, limits sebum production, adds volume, and visibly nourishes delicate and dull strands.

Obviously, fenugreek infusion has to be applied onto scalp once the mixture cools down. The great news is that hair stops falling out just after a few days since the treatment begins. In the worst-case scenario, hair needs 2-3 weeks to stop falling out. What is also crucial, fenugreek infusion has to be rubbed every day. It is suggested doing the procedure at evening, to let the chicken broth aroma fade away after being applied to scalp.

How to prepare fenugreek infusion?

You will need:

– fenugreek seeds (available at a pharmacy’s)
– boiling water (fresh, filtered)
– a cup/mug and a saucer
– a convenient bottle to store the infusion


Put one spoon of powdered fenugreek seeds into the cup/mug and pour the boiling water (you don’t have to fill the cup/mug with the water completely). Put a saucer on the cup/mug and leave for fifteen minutes. When infused, pour the mixture into a container. Rub the cooled down infusion into scalp every day. Don’t apply to the length of hair. Another thing to mention, you can use fenugreek seeds to make a scalp scrub.