How to treat your hair to make it look beautiful and grow stronger?

All girls dream about strong, healthy and shiny hair. Unfortunately, sometimes conditioners and shampoos are not enough. What to do to enjoy a beautiful hairstyle? Take care of it from the inside. Remember about a healthy lifestyle, physical activities, balanced diet and supplements.

beauty.jpgWeakened and falling out hair? If your are among people who struggle with this problem, you must start with going to a doctor. First of all, consult all your symptoms with a professional, then run appropriate tests. It might happen that a weak condition of your hair can be caused by an illness or infection. What to do to restore your hair’s great look, resilience and strength? First if all, introduce vitamins A, C, E, H, D, and those of B group to your diet. Supply your food with products rich in zinc, copper, silicon and iron.

What is more, keep in mind that resting is also very important, therefore try to sleep 8 hours every night. A moment of relax is always a good idea.

Choose cosmetics that will help you take care of the condition of hair and scalp. The composition of preparations should be chosen appropriately to combat the dermatological disease, which was previously diagnosed by the doctor. If your problem is dry hair, get rid of shampoos containing Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Cosmetics with zinc in the composition will be useful for those who struggle with dandruff and greasy hair and scalp. Rinses, conditioners, masks and natural oils cannot be omitted in your daily hair care. Another useful tip is to reach for the help of dietary supplements. Just make sure you take them regularly and as directed by your doctor or follow the description in the leaflet.

Have your ever heard about trichological treatments? The therapy is based on applying specialised preparations that regenerate the hair structure and nourishes scalp. The therapy comprises mesotherapy and electro-stimulation. Your hair and scalp are tested under a trichoscope – a tool that will precisely determine their condition. There is no need to wait long for the first results, they are visible at the beginning of the therapy.