8. Gliss Kur, Ultimate Color Elixir with Oils


gliss-kur-ultimate-color-eliksir-z-olejkamiDyed hair especially prone to damages. Ammoniac that hair dyes contain is almost remorseless for hair. It slowly yet consequently deteriorate hair condition. As a consequence, strands become dehydrated and dull, brittle with split ends. In general, their condition is poor. In this case, natural oils work as a godsend; only such products are able to get inside hair in order to regenerate strands from the inside. Moreover, thanks to natural oils, hair gains moisture, flexibility and shine, stops breaking. In short, hair becomes well-nourished from the inside.

The idea of deep nourishment was the main trigger for producing Gliss Kur Ultimate Color Elixir with Oils – Colour Protection, For Dyed Hair.

The product is supposed to nourish and regenerate dried hair (because of dyeing), which requires nourishment and conditioning. Oils that Gliss Kur Ultimate Color Elixir contains are also able to bring out the colour or dyed hair, making it stay true longer.

For that reason Gliss Kur Ultimate Color contains seven precious, natural oils. Each of them has its own unique manner of turning dyed hair into beautiful and regenerated strands.

sunflower oil contains high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids from Omega-6 (approximately 65%) as well as Omega-3 (approximately 25%) group. It is composed of relatively big molecules which ideally fit into high porosity hair. The fatty acids don’t only regenerate hair deeply but also protect hair from the outside. Moreover, sunflower oil is full of vitamin E, also known as ‘the vitamin of youth’. This very vitamin together with the fatty acids contributes to slowing down hair ageing processes.

macadamia oil – contains unique fatty acid from Omega-7 group (palmitoleic acid). This acid contains ingredient that is similar in composition to sebum produced by human scalp. Thanks to this, macadamia regulates processes that take place on and inside scalp. For example, the oil is able to counteract excessive sebum production as well as it takes care of moistening dehydrated hair and scalp. Macadamia oil is absorbed quickly, regenerating hair from the inside.

sesame oil – it protects hair from, for example, harmful action of UV radiation. It works fine to condition dehydrated and mature hair. It helps to bring out shine and colour of dyed hair.

olive oil – is good at regenerating hair. It contains approximately 70% of oleic acid (belongs to Omega-9 group). For that reason, the oil matches medium porosity hair. This type of hair is typical for most women and men. Olive oil has hair moisturizing, regenerating and glossing action.

almond oil – is one of the most delicate oils. It contains many proteins and mineral salts as well as precious for hair health and beauty vitamins A and E. They improve flexibility of hair and protect against adverse external factors, so from extreme weather condition. For proper moistening are responsible B group vitamins.

argan oil – it is said that this oil was designed by Mother Nature to condition hair damaged by all hairdresser procedures (including hair dyeing). It regenerates hair and at the same time protects the strands from other damages that are on their way to harm them like hot air generated by a dryer, too rough brushing, tight ties (ponytails) or fierce rubbing hair against a towel. Argan oil is an just irreparable ingredient of products with hair conditioning action.

marula oil – is a substance responsible for regenerating hair as it maintains other oils in a good condition. This oil is characterized by high concentration of oleic acid from Omega-9 group. For that reason, marula oil regenerates even very damaged, high porosity hair. What is more, marula oil can be defined by its delicate fragrance. It delivers smoothness and gloss to hair.

The oil has 75 ml capacity and is closed in a bottle featuring a pump (it sometimes stutters). The cosmetic has very pleasant fragrance.


The serum can be applied to both dry or damp hair, right before shampooing, or to dry or damp hair ends after shampooing. It can be also used for day-to-day hair conditioning purposes (when hair needs additional portion of nourishing substances).


  • diversity of natural oils
  • doesn’t weight down hair
  • works immediately
  • very pleasant fragrance
  • keeps dyed hair colour staying true
  • contains UV filter


  • can’t be used for oil hair treatment
  • contains alcohol that can contribute to hair dehydration
  • the pump sometimes stutters
  • designed especially for dyed hair