Oriflame Eleo Dry Hair Oil

hair-care.jpgCan you fall back in love with your hair? Eleo Dry Hair Oil by Swedish cosmetic company Oriflame will definitely make it easier. Why is it so effective in conditioning damaged hair? It contains argan oil, rose oil, burdock and vitamin F.

Oriflame is a Swedish cosmetic company which was formed by two brothers and their friend at the end of the 60s. Currently, it distributes its cosmetics in more than 60 countries. You should take a look at Eleo hair oil even for the sake of the tradition of the brand. Surely, many will get tempted and buy the product.

Eleo – dry hair oil

What is the best for damaged hair? A cosmetic that offers concentrated, strongly nourishing and moisturising ingredients. This is true about Eleo hair oil which improves hair condition effectively. The product contains:

– argan oil,

– rose oil,

– vitamin F,

– burdock extract.

Eleo is a light silky hair oil which deeply nourishes the structure of hair. Even most damaged strands, which have highly raised cuticles, are rebuilt and repaired. It happens thanks to a high concentration of natural argan oil, rose oil, vitamin F (source of unsaturated fatty acids) and burdock extract.

Eleo Dry Hair Oil – application.

Oriflame recommends three ways of applying the oil. The product can be used on both dry and wet hair. An atomiser bottle makes the application easy.

Eleo dry hair oil can be applied:

(1) to dry hair – spread a small amount of the oil on dry hair; start with most damaged strands e.g. hair ends;

(2) prior to styling – apply the oil to towel-dried hair to increase shine, protect from heat and enhance styling;

(3) to dry scalp – apply the oil exclusively to the roots and rub into the scalp, rinse after 2-3 minutes;

(4) together with another hair product – add a small amount of Eleo oil to your hair mask or conditioner; it will provide extra nourishment.